YÖKDİL İngilizce Fen Bilimleri Çıkmış Sorular Testi-4

1.-10. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Because of the changing attitudes towards the usefulness of dams and their possible harm to the environment, ----.

2. ----, but there have been several periods during which climate has drastically shifted, either locally or globally.

3. Despite the possibility of ending abruptly with the return of adequate rainfall, ----.

4. Although the commonly known honeybee species are native to Europe and Africa only, ----.

5. Many of the tastiest mushroom species can be eaten without any risk; ----.

6. Because the populations of ducks have been badly depleted by overhunting, ----.

7. Viruses do not feed or grow, and they cannot reproduce on their own; ----.

8. Biologists have identified more than 500,000 species of plants in the kingdom Plantae ----.

9. Solar eclipses are not actually rarer than lunar eclipses, ----.

10. Artificial vision implants are often able to improve one’s ability to recognise shapes and movements----.


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