YÖKDİL İngilizce Fen Bilimleri Çıkmış Sorular Testi-6

1.-3. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.

1. Thomas Edison’un buluşlarıyla ilgili duyuruları basın aracılığıyla yapma konusundaki istekliliği, pazarlama çabalarına destek sağlamış olsa da bilimsel şöhreti için sorunlar yaratmıştır.

2. Bir uçakta ne tür bir güç sistemi kullanılırsa kullanılsın, havacılık mühendisleri sürekli olarak uçağın aerodinamik özelliklerini geliştirecek yeni tasarımlar araştırırlar.

3. Mühürlerin ıslak kil tabletlere basıldığı bir teknolojinin ilk kez Babilliler tarafından kullanılmış olduğu bilinse de matbaayı muhtemelen Çinliler icat etmiştir.

4.-9. sorularda, parçada anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için boş bırakılan yere getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz.

4. Written numbers, in the form of tallies at first, preceded any known form of written words. A major development of the period after the Agricultural Revolution was the invention of ways more complex than tallies to record numbers, leading eventually to numeration systems. ---- It is not clear how writing arose in other parts of the world, but numerals probably preceded words in eastern Asia and in the Americas as well.

5. ---- The first farmers of northern China primarily grew millet, starting as early as 11,500 years ago. Millet is a drought-tolerant, small-seeded grain in the grass family that today is mostly grown in East Asia. According to historical records and early recipes, by the Tang dynasty, wheat had replaced millet. As a result, it actually became the region’s major crop. Unfortunately, little is known about exactly how or why this shift occurred.

6. Tackling climate change requires cooperation on a global scale, bringing together governments, businesses and individuals. We need to gradually end our reliance on fossil fuels and use renewable energy sources and sustainable transport options.---- Nonetheless, they are not sufficient alone and proposed methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere have not yet been tested on a large scale. Although our efforts are beginning to pay off and carbon dioxide emissions are slowing in some parts of the world, experts agree that the transition to green energy is not happening fast enough.

7. ---- They include eyes, olfactory pits, chemotactile and mechanotactile sensillae on the arms, and statocysts capable of detecting direction and angle of acceleration as well as static posture. The eyes have a cornea and iris diaphragm, amovable lens, and a retina, capable of light and dark adaptation. Under totally controlled experimental conditions, octopuses can be trained to distinguish visually between pairs of geometric figures, and tactilely between textures and tastes of different surfaces.

8. Fruit rots are the most economically important diseases of cranberries. ---- Higher temperatures during the growing season increase fungal activity and the level of disease. High moisture levels also increase disease, because spore release, spore germination, and penetration of the host plant are all dependent on the presence of adequate moisture. Bruising during harvest, sorting, or packing significantly increases the amount of postharvest fruit rot.

9. Cave exploration is, by its nature, a potentially hazardous activity although the relative risk of an accident, and its severity, clearly vary from cave to cave. In all but the simplest of cases, rescue of an injured person from a cave poses problems that are different from those encountered on the surface. A cave is a relatively hostile environment in which to perform a rescue. ---- Hence, there is a need for specialist rescue teams who are aware of the latest rescue techniques .

Soruda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.

10. (I)There is no way to predict big earthquakes hours or days in advance, and some think it may never be possible.(II)However, some regions have early warning systems that issue alerts as soon as the first tremors are detected.(III)This gives people a few seconds or more of warning before the most dangerous shaking starts.(IV)Modern buildings are usually designed to withstand sizeable earthquakes, though many could still be left unusable. (V)For that reason, the US Geological Survey is currently developing a system called 'ShakeAlert' for all the quake-sensitive regions.


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