YÖKDİL İngilizce Sağlık Bilimleri Çıkmış Sorular Testi-1

1.-10. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Many of the technological advances in medicine have been provided for us by the ---- of engineers, physicists, biologists, and medical doctors.

2. ---- to carbon monoxide results in a wide variety of potential adverse effects, particularly in individuals who have pre-existing cardiac or lung disease.

3. Adolescent diets are often ---- for their reliance on snacks and junk foods high in calories and saturated fat, leading to increased risk of heart disease in later life.

4. Studies have shown that people can ---- reduce longings for such food as burgers and cookies by thinking of all the negatives of eating them.

5. Amphetamines, central nervous system stimulants used medically to treat narcolepsy, are also used to---- performance.

6. The heart, blood, and blood vessels ---- the circulatory or cardiovascular system whose primary role is to pump blood around the body to supply cells with oxygen, food and other essentials.

7. According to a 2013 study, when ---- on athletes after intense physical exercise, participants who ---- 3.1 gr of ginger per day experienced significantly reduced muscle soreness.

8. Mechanical injuries to the skin ---- into those caused by a blunt force, such as a punch from a fist, and those --- from a sharp force, such as a knife.

9. In Australia, the vaccine ---- rotavirus, the most prevalent cause of severe diarrhoea ---- young children, was added to routine, early-childhood immunisations in 2007.

10. Vegetative patients can live for several years and usually die ---- infections, organ failure or complications related to the brain injury that has put them ---- this state.


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